Tesa 52310 - Nhà cung cấp băng keo tesa chính hãng

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Product Features

  • tesa® 52310 (transparent), tesa® 52315 (yellow), tesa® 52320 (white) and tesa® 52325 (pink) are a range of tesaprint® plate mounting solutions, each of a different thickness category.
  • The unwind characteristics of all four tapes offer easier tape mounting. The structured PP-liner also prevents the formation of air pockets when plate mounting. Plates are easily repositioned during mounting as the full adhesion of the tape only becomes effective during the print run.
  • The high adhesion and good shear resistance of these tapes ensure that there is no plate movement or edge lift problems, even at high speeds and on extended print runs. On demounting, there are no adhesive residues on the plate or the cylinder.
  • tesa® 52310 is also especially well suited to the mounting of photopolymer plates on compressible sleeves.

Main Applications

The mounting of photopolymer plates in flexographic printing, especially on compressible sleeves

Chuyên mục

Sản phẩm:Băng keo công nghiệp, Băng keo dán bản in flexo
Nhà cung cấp:Tesa
Ngành công nghiệp:In ấn bao bì Flexo
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