Tesa 4563 PV3 băng keo Printer’s Friend

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Tính năng sản phẩm

tesa Printer’s Friend® 4563 PV3 consists of a cloth backing and a smooth silicone coated surface, which offers reliable “grip” and repels a variety of substances. The product design ensures high resistance to wear, easy application as well as residue-free removal even after a prolonged period of time and exposure to high temperatures.

Main Applications

tesa Printer’s Friend® 4563 PV3 is designed for roller wrapping in a variety of manufacturing and printing processes that utilize roller systems to process web-based materials, such as films, textiles, paper, and more.

Technical Data
Backing materialSilicone-coated cloth
Total thickness340 µm
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Adhesion to steel3.6 N/cm
Type of linerPP
Thickness of liner80 µm
Surface texturesmooth
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