Tesa 4322 băng keo giấy che chắn mặt cong

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Product Features

tesa® 4322 is a highly crêped, general purpose paper masking tape for various application fields and is especially suitable for masking of curves.

Main Applications

The product is particularly recommended for all standard masking work in painting and spray painting with air drying paints. The extremely high stretch capacity of the flexible backing guarantees a good adhesion even in more narrow curves. Good flexibility allows adhesion to complicated contours and rough surfaces.

It is also suitable for fixing of paper masks, packaging and bundling purposes, and masking before sealing.

tesa® 4322 is also used for strenghtening uppers in the shoe industry.

Technical Data
Backing materialhighly-creped paper
Total thickness14.96 mils
Type of adhesivenatural rubber
Adhesion to steel26.08 oz/in
Elongation at break58 %
Tensile strength15.99 lbs/in
Temperature resistance140 °F
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