SuperΣCMII dispenser

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Fully digital control dispenser

The highest peak of air pulse. All automatic compensation, communication facility deployment

  • Prominent continuation dispense stability.
  • It becomes “Integrated Management” from the device outside.
  • We realize initial-condition to be able to see.
  • Function of SuperΣCM just realizes pressure stability and movement stability up.
  • “High precision” dispenser which we made dispense stability drastically.
  • We completely control fine adjustment of revision (Σ) mode from new feature, equipment side.
  • By exclusive software “MuCOMΣ,” we can edit dispense condition on PC.
  • The MUSASHI original “air pulse stable circuit” deployment. (PAT.)
  • CE mark conformity. (EMC, low voltage order)

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Sản phẩm:Máy điều chế khí
Nhà cung cấp:Musashi
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