Screw Master2 dispenser

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High efficiency screw dispenser

Smartphone, Automative correspondence! Dispenser which is most suitable for liquid materials super high viscosity with particle.

It becomes problem that liquid materials such as cream solder and epoxy resin and grease, heat radiation grease enables stable high speed dispensing and high precision dispensing. High efficiency screw dispenser “SCREW MASTER?2” is available for correspondence in those liquid materials.

By original screw mechanism, we cancel fluctuations and fluid buildup of dispensing volume and realize small amount Dotting dispensing and wire drawing dispensing of high stability and high precision.

Furthermore, work efficiency that can change syringe for easily, and is high is promise.

It is high-dimensional and meets severe demand for dispensing work of liquid materials and highly viscous liquid agent with particle.

  • High precision dispensing of cream solder and highly viscous liquid agent.
  • Small amount Dotting dispensing which cancels dispense fluctuations and fluid buildup, and was stable, drawing drawing are possibility.
  • It is supported viscosity change of correctable water head and liquid materials by automatic increment function.
  • Heat radiation agent dispensing to card slot part of motor parts and smartphone.


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