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BONDERITE L-MR MOF is a mineral oil free general purpose coolant acceptable in a wide range of operations and water hardness. Due to the selection of raw materials BONDERITE L-MR MOF is resistant against bacteria growth, but free of nitrites and Para-Tertiary Butyl Benzoic Acid.

The formulation of BONDERITE L-MR MOF allows good foam control, excellent corrosion properties and good grit settling characteristics. Additionally BONDERITE L-MR MOF contains a softening agent to keep residuessoluble.


BONDERITE L-MR MOF is mainly used for surface grinding or similar operation where transparency is of prime importance, BONDERITE L-MR MOF is mainly used for steel and cast iron. The suitability for aluminium should be checked by individual field tests.

For the make up of solutions in exact concentrations we recommend the use of the KDA dosing pump.

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