Máy điều chế SuperΣx

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Máy điều chế chính xác cao tự bù trừ sai số

We improve dispense stability and residual quantity detection precision more

  • We realize high precision stable dispense.
  • We improve precision of residual quantity detection still more and get rid of liquid waste.
  • We largely improve assembly operation 1/2, operability.
  • We carry out Σ 3 biggest function (PAT. in four countries) in one-touch.
  • It is shipped with liquid residual quantity indication function.
  • The “α revision function” deployment realizing fine adjustment of dispensing volume correction value.
  • 100 kinds of kind input is possible.
  • The MUSASHI original “air pulse stable circuit” deployment. (PAT.) ・CE mark conformity (EMC, low voltage order) product is line-up, too. (option)

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Sản phẩm:Máy điều chế khí
Nhà cung cấp:Musashi
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