tesa® Lift & Reseal - Resealable Bag Solution

20/02/2020 - Đăng bởi : Karen Nguyen

One of tesa's strong fields is Packaging. Besides mounting tape and tear tape, tesa recently paid high attention to the Food Industry. Their Lift & Reseal tape serves as a single-sided bag closure system, bringing benefits for both manufacturers and end users.

tesa® Lift & Reseal Benefits

   -  Allows bags to be resealed about 20 times with a line of tape running from the top to the bottom of packs, roughly throughout its contents’ shelf life

   -  Easily integrate into the packaging process - nuts, snacks, fruits or vegetables. Keep you food fresh!

   -  Far more effective than self-adhesive labels, can be custom printed to your requirements.

   -  Product comes with full end-to-end installation including necessary dispensers.

Features of tesa® Lift & Reseal

   -  High-tack tape with a good shear strength that reseals effectively and will not pop open

   -  Robust and stable adhesive - no residues, good ageing resistance

   -  Can be custom printed

   -  Fingerlift strip can be included for easy peel back

   -  Supplied spool wound, for rapid integration on the production line

   -  A full and complete solution including the tape and a tesa®6081 dispenser, with no impact on your running speed

tesa lift & reseal - Creative Engineering

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