Indobuildtech Expo Jakarta 2015

10/07/2018 - Đăng bởi : Nguyễn Thanh Nga

Creative Engineering Indonesia attended INDOBUILDTECH EXPO JAKARTA 2015 from 3-7 June in Jakarta Convention Center. INDOBUILDTECH is one of the largest exhibitions in Indonesia which attracts professionals from all aspects of the building industry.

We attended this exhibition for sharing the ideas with professionals; promote greener building technology, offering protective coatings systems for polyurea waterproofing, FS fireproofing and stop, thermal insulation purpose. Our booth No.8 at plenary hall attracted many people including architects, building owners, contractors, developers, engineers, applicators etc and got over 200 inquiries about our advanced products.

Our staff coming from Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and even Mr. Paal Mathisen from Fire Security Systems provided us a strong support for this trade show.

During the exhibition, our Lockwell Business Development Director Tad Bass delivered a great product presentation to the show visitors which gave the professional visitors a new idea of high performance advanced protective coating solutions. The products we offer help people to protect the assets, protect the lives and save coasts.

This INDOBUILDTECH EXPO helped Creative Engineering Indonesia to get known among companies in construction, infrastructure, marine, oil & gas and energy utilities industry as advanced solution provider and high performance product offer.

At the end, thank you for everyone’s efforts which made this exhibition extremely successful. Thank you our esteemed visitors who came to our booth! Hope we will have more and more projects and great cooperation together!


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