How to remove Red Threadlocker

26/12/2018 - Đăng bởi : Karen Nguyen

It can be difficult removing LOCTITE® red threadlocker, and it’s a common vehicle maintenance question. While the strength of our red threadlockers is formidable, and meant to be a permanent assembly method, don’t believe the myths: red threadlocker can be disassembled with the right technique.

Removing Red Threadlocker requires the right technique

When disassembling red threadlocker, the process is a little different than for other threadlockers. The key is to apply localized heat greater than 550° F. Then, once the threaded assembly is hot, the bolt can be unthreaded. Without applying heat to the assembly, it’s likely that over time, a bolt would break before coming loose.

Watch this video for a demonstration on removing red threadlocker:

The ideal placement of red threadlockers is on bolts ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ diameter for some of the following:

   -  Bearing caps

   -  Motor mounts

   -  Suspension bolts

   -  Heavy duty equipment area

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