Dowsil LED Lighting Solutions

17/02/2021 - Đăng bởi : Nga Nguyen

For a while in the electronics market, Dowsil has been the pioneer in LED Lighting Solutions for next generation LED lamps and luminaries.


This video showcases a closeup in Dowsil applications in LED lamps. 



Creative Engineering provides all solutions regarding LED lighting, as listed below


    1. Dowsil Adhesives & Sealants

  • Cure at ambient or high temperatures (1-RTV, 2-HTV) 

  • Form excellent bonds and seals with a variety of common LED lamp and luminaire materials (e.g., PC, PMMA, glass, silicone optics, aluminum cases, etc.)

  • Ensure reliable, long-term performance at operating temperatures exceeding 120ºC • Help maintain lumen output and IP rating over the lifetime of LED lamps and luminaires


    2. Dowsil Thermal Encapsulants

  • Cure at ambient or high temperatures (1-RTV, 2-HTV)

  • Range of thermal conductivity and RTI as high as 150ºC

  • Provide long-term reliability and lower maintenance costs of LED drivers lamps and luminaires


    3. Dowsil Thermal Interface Materials

  • Offers versatile heat management options for virtually every LED lamp and luminaire design

  • Thermal Greases

  • Dispensable Thermal Pads

  • Thermal Adhesives (1-RTV, 2-HTV) 

  • Adhesives form strong, thermally stable bonds to most LED printed circuit board substrates (e.g. ceramic, MCPCB and FR4).


    4. Dowsil Conformal Coatings

  • Available in a wide variety of viscosities, they provide excellent unprimed adhesion to common LED devices components

  • Prevent short circuits, corrosion of conductors and solder joints, as well as dendritic growth and electro-migration of metal between conductors 

  • Provide good protection against abrasion and solvents 

  • Demonstrate good stress relief performances


    5. Dowsil White Reflective Coatings

  • Cures at room temperature to a tough, resilient and non-tacky surface

  • Highly diffuse reflectance optical coating

  • Enhances light output efficiency with good resistance to environmental aging

  • Can be applied on wide variety of substrates (plastics, metals)

  • Processed by spraying recommended

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